It’s Different When You
Take The Long View

Every development Atria undertakes is a further evolution of a philosophy and a practice of respect and care for our planet, its people and our brand.

We are committed to the long term, nurturing communities and creating enduring value – building for generations.

80 Bond Under Construction

Our approach is simple – in 20 or 40 years, will the community we are building still be a great place to live? With our focus primarily on the creation and ongoing operation of purpose-built, multi-family residential properties, the future marketability of our buildings matters just as much as their appeal today.

We are building for the long term, creating an outstanding portfolio of developments that will provide quality returns and highly desirable housing options for generations to come. We are working to ensure that the Atria name is one in which we always take pride.

The Atria team will continue to develop innovative thinking and expand our commitment to quality to develop
premium residential opportunities that achieve and sustain the high standards our residents expect.


Investing in technologies that make life
better and stand the test of time.


Making smart decisions that improve the
future for our residents and our planet.

Social Responsibility

Investing in the communities where we build
to make sure that everyone benefits.