About 50 years ago, Gyan Jain, an engineer who had recently immigrated to Canada, decided to invest his savings in an old industrial property that had seen better days. His idea was to refurbish and sub-divide it into smaller units for businesses looking for light industrial space.

That was the first of many successive properties Gyan bought, restored and remarketed, stimulating new activity in languishing communities along the way. When his children were old enough, they were expected to help out, working on site, learning the business from the ground up.

Gyan Jain
Gyan Jain

One building, a former Coca-Cola bottling plant in Toronto’s old industrial Leslieville, Gyan’s sons believed, had greater potential. They convinced their father to form a company whose first project would be the conversion of this building into condominium live/work lofts. Atria was born and the success of its inaugural project was the spark that brought other investment into the area, turning Leslieville into one of the city’s most popular neighbourhoods.

It was the first of many projects focused on bringing new life to older communities. In places as diverse as Toronto, Oshawa and Peterborough, Atria is stirring new economic and cultural activity into mature neighbourhoods.

In 2015, led by Hans Jain, one of Gyan’s sons, Atria began work on its first purpose-built rental multifamily residential project.
Hans knew that much of the condominium market was driven by investors who then leased out their suites to renters, but he
believed renters could be better served in a building designed specifically for that purpose. He was proved right with the opening
of 100 Bond in 2017. And right again with the opening of Y Lofts in 2021, and most recently the opening of 80 Bond in 2022.

Today, Atria is focused on developing purpose-built, multifamily rental communities in towns and cities across
the Greater Golden Horseshoe, providing better options for the growing number of renters in the region.